The basketball players lost to France in the WC qualifiers, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

The basketball players lost to France in the WC qualifiers, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

Basketbalisté lost to France in World Cup qualifier, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

Match of the group for the second stage of qualification for the 2023 WC basketball players: Czech Republic – France, February 23, 2023, Pardubice.

Pardubice – Czech basketball players lost 59:72 to France in the last home match of the World Championship qualification in Pardubice without a chance to advance. Although they led by as many as 19 points at the beginning of the second quarter, they did not end the series of defeats against the reigning European vice-champions, which deprived them of participation in the championship. She reached six qualifying matches. 4521 spectators watched the duel in the Enteria arena.

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Basketbalisté lost to France in WC qualifier, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

Basketbalisté lost to France in World Cup qualifier, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

< p>Basketbalisté lost to France in WC qualifier, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

Basketbalisté lost to France in World Cup qualifier, Wembanyama gave them 22 points

< p>The French team, which also lacked a number of supports, led to victory with a double-double of 22 points and 17 rebounds by Victor Wembanyama, the favorite of this year's NBA draft. But the best scorer of the game was the home team Tomáš Kyzlink with 23 points. Even his performance for coach Ronen Ginzburg's team was not enough to avenge France's 60-95 defeat in Paris last August. great. These players showed that they have a future in the national team. It was clear on offense that it was going to be tough. They routinely hold opponents to 60 points on defense and I'm proud of how we played most of the game,” Ginzburg told reporters.

“It was played in a great atmosphere and we started well, but we also had certain limits in the game. We still did a good job in the first half, but the defense was not so good in the second. And in attack it was clear that it would be difficult with our narrow rotation and with a lot of changed shots by the opponent's defense,” added the coach.

The Czechs had a great start to the game. They started with an 8-0 run and didn't allow the opponent a single field goal until 4:33. They led by 13 :1 and nine points were contributed by Kyzlink, who made two three-pointers and a basket with a converted six. Only then did Wembanyama assert himself, but these were again the only points for the French for a long time.

Another eight-point streak by the home team followed, during which the two centimeters smaller Ondřej Balvín enjoyed the 219-centimeter-tall Wembanyam and rounded off the action with a spectacular smash. It wasn't until 3:21 that the guests regained their shooting skills and reduced the score to 11:24. Wembanyama also showed off with a dunk.

At the turn of the first and second quarter, however, Richard Bálint scored five points and increased the score to 30:11. Then, for the first time in a match, the French scored two consecutive field goals, but they responded after a great interplay with Kyzlink Balvín.

The French reduced it to 21:32 thanks to two sixes and a triple by Wembanyama. Although they responded with a successful penetration by Kyzlink and captain Vojtěch Hruban, the opponent did well and reduced the deficit to nine points.

In addition, they continued after the break and extended the series to 10:0. Immediately, they came close twice already to four points. However, Kyzlink responded in both cases, which also increased the score to 43:36 after a basket with a foul. After two three-pointers by Wembanyama and a basket by Yoan Makoundou, the French led for the first time. They escaped to 47:43, although the loss was erased by Kyzlink's six and Bálint's three, but the opponent returned to the lead before the final ten minutes and did not let it go.

Nicolas Lang supported the ten-point streak of the French with two threes. Kyzlink interrupted her with a triple. Auda added two free throws, but Wembanyama hit again from a distance, and after Paul Lacombe's basket, the visitors had a double-digit lead again. They were even 15 points away, in the end Ondřej Hanzlík corrected the result. In the end, Jakub Slavík also got his first representative chance.

“It reminded me a little of the match in France from last summer. Even then, the first half went well for us. France always has a quality team, they can turn it on even with a deficit. This time we didn't find the key to their aggressive defense, we had a lot of losses,” said pivot Patrik Auda . “However, these are valuable experiences. In the next matches, the boys will know what they can count on on the field. They will be better prepared for it,” Auda pointed out.

And the fights with Wembanyama were also an experience for everyone. “He looked like he didn't want to. But look at his height and his range, he's got it. He's got the height advantage, then he caught a couple of shots and got back into the game. He's going to need to put on some pounds. He's young, in the NBA at he will work on it. It will be even better. You can feel it under the basket,” added Auda.

Qualification of basketball players for the 2023 World Cup:

Group K:

Czech Republic – France 59:72 (27:11, 36:27, 47:49)

Czech line-up and points: Kyzlink 23, Balvín 8, Hruban 6, Kříž 2, Půlpán – Auda 10, Bálint 8, Hanzlík 2, Böhm, Karnik, Slavík, Šafarčík.

Most points France: Wembanyama 22, Lacombe 13, Makoundou 10.

Fouls: 18:18. Free throws: 11/9 – 17/8. Triples: 6:8. Rebounds: 37:48.

Lithuania – Hungary 89:64, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 74:66.


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1. France 11 9 903:679 20
2. Lithuania 9 2 859:782 20
3. Montenegro 11 6 5 812:782 17
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 6 5 850:900 17
5. Hungary 11 5 6 784:877 16
Czech Republic 11 3 8 808:880 14