The Batman: new action scenes are released at Cinemacon 2021

The Batman: new action scenes are released at Cinemacon 2021

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The Batman: new action scenes are released at Cinemacon 2021

Batman is one of the greatest heroes of DC Comics and the number of film adaptations are proof of this. Now, Robert Pattinson is responsible for playing the character in a film that will explore his role as a detective.

“It is very psychological and emotional. It seemed like there was a way to explore that alongside the corruption in Gotham. That feels very current, ”director Matt Reeves added previously for Nerdist.

The Batman: watch the film’s trailer here

Much has been said about what we will see since the latest previews came out. To the joy of fans, new footage was released in the recent edition of Cinemacon to make it clear that the film will also have its respective dose of action.

Cell phones were not allowed at the event, so the only thing that leaked was a detailed description of the shots: Batman beats up a group of thugs under red lights. Then explosions appear and police officers arrive in the face of dark chaos.

Likewise, the Bat Man uses different tools to take down several of his enemies. Even the Batmobile shows off with flames thrown out of its exhaust system.

What is The Batman about?

Robert Pattinson will be Batman in the film directed by Matt Reeves. Photo: Warner Bros

The film will be set today and will be set in Gotham City. The main villain will be the Riddler of Paul Dano, who assassinates the mayoral candidates and leaves strange messages at the scene of the crime.

When will The Batman be released?

Like many other Hollywood productions, the production had a series of setbacks due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. To the delight of fans of the superhero, filming ended in March of this year and announced the date that it is scheduled to premiere in theaters: March 4, 2022.