The birthday of Guccio Gucci: as the waiter created the luxury brand Gucci

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Gucci is an Italian brand, specializing in the creation of clothes, shoes and luxury accessories. The fashion house is known and loved by people of different social status and age. March 26, 2020 marks 129 years since the birth of Guccio Gucci. LifeStyle 24 will tell you which path was traversed to reach unprecedented heights and success.

The way to create Gucci

Guccio Gucci was born 26 Mar 1891 in Italy in Florence in the family of ordinary artisan. Father Guccio had traded the straw hats, that’s why the little boy had a passion towards business since childhood.

When he was 23 in 1904 he opened his own Studio horse harness, which he called “the House of Gucci”. However, due to lack of experience, workshop after some time, collapsed and closed.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Guccio Gucci

Long do not worry, the guy goes to look for success to another country. 10 long years on Guccio living and working in London at the Savoy hotel on various minor works, among which is the work of waiter. Watching the guests, the future designer began to pay attention to the features of the rich and wealthy people, their needs, habits and desires. It was at this time the founder of the majestic brand comes the idea of creating his own company, which will produce bags premium.

The birth of the brand Gucci

In 1921 Guccio Gucci returned to Italy to start the manufacture of natural leather. After a year in Florence, he opened the first Gucci store, which sells the harness, clothes for jockeys, suitcases and bags.

All products are made of high quality leather. Fashion house Gucci has gained great popularity among the top riders, who took great pleasure in choosing the outfit of the brand to participate in the competition. The best European riders and just wanted to be in suits from Gucci.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Advertising campaign Gucci spring-summer 2016

At a time when a favorite work has brought us success, popularity and profit, Guccio had not Skive in family life, becoming the father of six children. An important tool in the work of the fashion house becomes the eldest son Aldo. He in 1993, comes up with the logo of intertwined letters GG, which will represent the name of the father and founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci.

Things have Gucci going so well that already in 1937, the workshop becomes a factory in which the production of handbags, suitcases and gloves. After a year in Rome on the prestigious Via Condotti opened the first Gucci boutique.

Gucci after the founder’s death

In 1953, appears iconic model handbags Gucci Bamboo Bag. The bag design was made in the form of a saddle, and its characteristic feature was a bamboo handle. Subsequently, the brand began to produce watches, ties and opened a store in new York on 5th Avenue. In the same year dies, the brand’s founder, Guccio Gucci.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Bag Gucci

After his father’s death, as usually happens, began a struggle for the inheritance. After numerous squabbles, half of the company’s shares passed to his older brother Aldo, and he officially headed the fashion house Gucci and moved to live in the United States.

Between 1960 and 1970 years of the stores opening in many countries, such as France, England, Japan and Korea. The clothing brand started to be wildly popular, so it willingly wore is outstanding.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Bag Gucci City Bags Dionysus

In the legendary film “Roman holiday” Audrey Hepburn appeared in signature silk scarf from Gucci and danced in moccasins from the fashion house.

The actress grace Kelly for a long time was the face of Gucci. At the wedding of grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco, each of the guests received a gift scarf Gucci, and the company itself was awarded the status of official supplier of the Royal court of a European Principality.

US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy often appeared in public with a small Gucci handbag over the shoulder. Subsequently, this model was named after her “Jackie O”.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Bag Jackie O

Crisis brand Gucci

In 1980-ies in the family of descendants started a real crisis. The shares of the deceased brother Rodolfo passed on to his son Maurizio. He was accused of forging the will, and was sentenced to a year in prison. To prove the innocence of a nephew came from Aldo. However, he was himself accused of tax evasion because of the complaints of his own son Paolo. Aldo was convicted and imprisoned in an American jail.

Maurizio has achieved the desired result and started to run the company. However, instead of advancement, it completely ruined the business. Many Asian companies were granted the right to issue things with the logo of Gucci, which was very poor quality. The whole market was flooded with cheap imitations. Therefore, the company lost its customers. By the end of 1880-ies to dress in Gucci was considered bad form, and representatives of the upper class never talked about it. Then Maurizio sells the business of the company to Investcorp.

A new era and the heyday of the brand Gucci

The terrible plight of the brand began to improve in the late 1990-ies. The owners of the company decided to revive its former popularity of the legendary house of Gucci and restore in the eyes of customers, its reputation. The most important step towards the creation of this was the invitation of Tom Ford as creative Director.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Tom Ford

The first collection, which was created by Tom Ford for Gucci, was a real delight. In 1996 , Ford was awarded the title of “Best designer of the year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America”. Consequently, Gucci not only regaining customers, but also becoming one of the most popular brands in the world, and in 1999, the brand enters the Guinness Book of world records in the category “fastest takeoff of the fashion house”.

In February of 2004 at the Milan fashion week Tom Ford presented the last collection that was created for the house of Gucci. After it became known about the departure of Ford, all clothing and accessories from the collection were sold out within a few days.

Modern brand Gucci

Now the brand is surely thrives and enjoys high popularity. Crazy start and new colors the brand has added creative Director Alessandro Michele, who took up post in 2015. The designer brought the famous Italian fashion house Gucci to a whole new level.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Alessandro Michele

He gave Marche a legendary second wind and made friends with all the main celebrities and in record time he put his name in the history of world fashion.

Michele is responsible not only for the male and female line of the brand, but also for a range of accessories. With the advent of the Gucci brand has become the most popular brand in recent years. Shows under his direction are striking and capture from the first minute.

День рождения Гуччио Гуччи: как официант создал люксовый бренд Gucci

Gucci fall winter 2018/19

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