The blood plasma of people who have recovered from coronavirus, is used for the treatment of patients

Плазму крови людей, которые выздоровели от коронавируса, используют для лечения больных

In China, pharmaceutical companies collect the plasma from people who recovered from coronavirus, it helps to treat critically ill patients.

Experts used the plasma, which contain potent antibody for the treatment of more than 10 critically ill patients, writes .

The condition of the patients, who were given this treatment had improved within 24 hours. In patients with decreased inflammation, increased oxygen levels in the blood.

People who recovered were urged to donate blood.

Patients who recovered from coronavirus pneumonia, will generate antibodies that can kill the virus
the message reads pharmaceutical companies.

In the absence of vaccines and special medicines for the use of this plasma is the most effective way to treat infection and can greatly reduce the number of deaths.

Плазму крови людей, которые выздоровели от коронавируса, используют для лечения больных

Recovered from coronavirus 7 080 people / Photo: Bloomberg

What you need to know about the coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid–19 – what is it?

This new member of the family of coronaviruses, which is not yet explored by humanity. It comes from animals, so the majority of those infected worked in the market or buy there meat or seafood.

The virus causes pneumonia. Patients appear cough, fever and difficulty breathing. When treatment is not effective neither antibiotics nor antivirals. Patients can maintain the lungs and other organs, but the recovery depends on their immune system.

The national Commission on public health of China confirmed that the virus is usually passed from one person to another.

The latest data on the spread of the virus

  • As of February 14, the Chinese coronavirus died 1 383 participants from 64 441 infected.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • In Ukraine, not a single case of suspected coronavirus has not been confirmed, but two Ukrainians have contracted the coronavirus on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess”.
  • In China have suspended group tours.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country, where raging epidemic.
  • February 11, citizens of Ukraine had to evacuate from Wuhan, but the evacuation did not take place.

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