The CECA opposes any attempt to integrate with the banks of the AEB

The CECA opposes any attempt to integrate with the banks of the AEB

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The CECA opposes any attempt to integrate with the banks of the AEB

Isidro Fainé, at the CECA general assembly in Madrid.JavierValeiro / Europa Press

The Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA), which groups together the banks of the old savings banks, as well as the savings banks that maintain their traditional model, has issued a statement this Tuesday afternoon to reject any integration with the bank employer, the Spanish Banking Association (AEB).

“The CECA informs that it does not contemplate a potential integration with another business organization. The foundations, savings banks and banks that are part of this employer’s association express their satisfaction with the service they obtain from CECA and, protected by freedom of association, their willingness to continue being part of it ”, they affirm in an unusual statement.

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The controversy arose after José María Roldán, president of the AEB, had declared that he considered a merger of the two banking employers to be beneficial because in this way they would be stronger in Europe. This statement, echoed by EL PAÍS among other media, took place after Roldán announced that he would be leaving his mandate in April 2022. And he insisted: “I think it is important that such solutions can be studied. That said, the future will tell (…). United we are stronger and it is an element that I do not think we should give up in the future ”. The search for a replacement in the AEB could open the debate to find a consensus candidate with the CECA, today chaired by Isidro Fainé, something that this organization wants to avoid and that is why it has issued this statement.

They value “very positively” the collaboration with the AEB

However, the entity’s board of directors values ​​”very positively” the existing collaboration with the AEB and the National Union of Credit Cooperatives (UNACC) and declares its willingness to continue promoting coordination with these organizations in their associative actions. He also remembers that he has had important achievements in the actions taken by credit institutions aimed at mitigating the effects of covid-19.

It also recalls its international projection by saying that the confederation will continue to be an active member of the European Grouping of Savings Banks and Retail Banks (ESBG) and the World Institute of Savings Banks and Retail Banks (WSBI), in which it holds the vice-presidency and presidency, respectively.