The celebration of the word through song

Célébrer la parole par le chant

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty
Kathleen Fortin is paying tribute to André Gagnon, Debbie Lynch-White to great women of song, and Dominique Quesnel to the eternal Leonard Cohen.

Here and there, over the years, whether in theatre, television or cinema, these three actresses have taken every opportunity to sing. This winter, they go even further by taking part in a singing tour in good and due form. Kathleen Fortin is a tribute to the composer André Gagnon, Debbie Lynch-White to great women of song, and Dominique Quesnel to the eternal Leonard Cohen.

If Debbie Lynch-White today can help but sing along, this is in good part thanks to his late father : “It is to him that I was initiated to the music. He played the guitar. Together, in the living room, we spent whole evenings to sing. It has greatly contributed to my musical culture. He made me discover the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tracy Chapman… “When she was returning from school, the young Debbie” broke the ears “of his mother by époumonant in front of his mirror, hairbrush in hand :” I was insatiable. I used to spend hours singing Celine, or Mariah Carey. “

This is by incorporating a choir, to the church, that the young girl realizes that she has a voice not quite like the others : “It has started to give me more solos. I felt that I was trusted. I received rave reviews. But I think that it is in the karaoke as it was confirmed, when I saw how the people reacted to my voice. “This call is for singing, as hard as it may be, will not, however, to remove the young woman from his dream first :” I’ve always wanted to be an actress. At age eight, it was already clear. This is why I define myself as an actress who sings, not a singer. The song, this is an additional string to my bow, in a manner additional to interpret, to transmit. “

Everyone can sing

Since graduating from the national School of theatre in 1988, Dominique Quesnel was a lot of fun to sing on stage, Cabaret neiges noires in les Belles-sœurs, by way of the Secretaries percussion. For it too, love the song from childhood : “My parents sang a lot. They were enamoured of Frank Sinatra, Harry Belafonte, Emmanuëlle… They did not have great voices, but they have taught me the joy of singing. For that, I thank them a lot. “

The actress is of the opinion that everyone is able to sing : “people who do not sing, are often those who were told when they were young, they were singing badly. Such a thing, it can hurt for life. If you are able to talk, you’re able to sing. This is Stéphane Venne, I believe, who wrote : “Singing is like talking, but it is more beautiful.” This phrase to me has always been in the head. I find it so true. “

Célébrer la parole par le chant

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The Duty

“In regards to myself, I sang before speaking, intervenes Kathleen Fortin. A year and a half, it seems that I entonnais Agadou dou dou from Patrick Zabé. Throughout my childhood, I bathed in the music. My father was a pianist in bars. With my grandfather and one of my uncles, he used to sing at church every Sunday. “In adolescence, the actress says that she pushed” all the time “note :” In high school, I sang in the demonstrations. In college, I was a backup singer for groups. I have constantly sung it, but never thought of making it a career. I have let myself be carried along by life and it led me to theatre, which I always liked because it involved a collective adventure. I am definitely a girl band. The song, like it or not, it is very individual. “

Directories exceptional

Since November 2017, Kathleen Fortin presents with the pianist Stéphane Aubin on a program called The 4 seasons of André Gagnon. In this show produced by Station blue, in good part instrumental, and the quarantenaire interpreter including extracts from the opera Nelligan and the legendary concert Leyrac chante Nelligan. “Some nights, it’s downright magical,” she says. Sing, according to me, this is the most direct way to be heart to heart with the public. It is a history of vibration and of the soul, a year that holds the unveiling. There are moments in which the symbiosis is such that I tell myself that it is impossible to reach it other than by the singing and the music. “

I’ve always wanted to be an actress. This is why I define myself as an actress who sings, not a singer. The song, this is an additional string to my bow.

— Debbie Lynch-White

Since October, Dominique Quesnel celebrates with Claude Fradette and Simon Dolan the music of Leonard Cohen in a show called Hallelujah Leonard. “When Claude introduced me to the project, I wondered if I was capable of doing,” admits the actress. Defend twenty songs, without character, this is not nothing. Finally, by starting the work, I have ceased to doubt. I don’t think I would have been ready to accomplish such a thing coming out of theatre school. To 54 years, with the experience of stage I, it is not only a great pleasure, it is also very exciting. I sing in a material, extraordinary, which allows me to travel in the energies are very different, the work of a poet of immense that people love passionately and that I approach it with great humility. “

All these women in it

At age 32, Debbie Lynch-White is preparing to present its first round of singing : She once was. The menu of this show, directed by Frédéric Dubois : songs written by women, ClémenceDesrochers to the Spice Girls, passing by Barbara, Edith Piaf, Lisa LeBlanc and Adele.

On 22 February, the young woman — accompanied by Gabriel Gratton music director and keyboards), Simon Pedneault with the guitars and Lisandre Bourdages to the battery — will make its return to montreal at the theatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts, before starting a tour which would take in a couple of cities in Quebec. Nothing less.

“There is a part innocent in all of this, readily concede the interested main. I don’t know where I am taking this courage. When Spectra was proposed to me to put up this show, I accepted without hesitation. First of all, because I am extremely well when I sing. Then, because I like the challenge, to defend those songs that keep me to heart and do it my way, with a good dose of theatricality. To tell the truth, I went in there without too much to ask me questions ; and I think that is exactly what he needed to do. “

Kathleen Fortin in The 4 seasons of André Gagnon

On tour until 14 April, including at the théâtre Outremont April 5, and at the Petit Champlain the 6 of April.

Debbie Lynch-White, in She was once

In tour until April 25, in particular at the théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA-on February 22, and at the salle Albert-Rousseau on April 23.

Dominique Quesnel in Hallelujah Leonard

On tour until June 22, including the Golden Lion on the 14th of march.


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