The ceremonial gathering will commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the National Museum in Prague

The festive gathering will commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the National Museum in Prague

Illustration photo – From May 11, 2020, people can go to exhibitions and museums and galleries again after two months. The government has eased its measures against the spread of the coronavirus, but it still restricts visitors to cultural institutions and orders them to wear masks, wash their hands with disinfectant and maintain a two-meter distance. The National Museum in Prague also welcomed the first visitors after the break – the girls in the picture belong to the museum's staff.

Prague – A festive gathering at the National Museum in Prague will commemorate the 205th anniversary of its founding this evening. At the same time, the participants of the event will remember the passing of 225 years since the birth of the politician and historian František Palacký.

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President Petr Pavel, Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Minister of Culture Martin Baxa (both ODS) will give speeches at the meeting. The director of the National Museum, Michal Lukeš, will use the opportunity to present František Palacký's medals.

The National Museum is the largest institution of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its building was opened in May 1891, and underwent a major renovation on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the museum's foundation. The former Patriotic Museum in Bohemia was founded on the initiative of several important members of the Czech nobility. Initially, it had the character of private, non-public collections with the main focus on natural science.

Palacký became famous especially as a historian. He is considered the founder of modern Czech historiography, and earned the nickname Father of the Nation. In the revolutionary year of 1848, he was also involved in politics.