The Chamber adjourned indefinitely with a pair of extraordinary meetings called by ANO

The Chamber adjourned indefinitely with a pair of extraordinary meetings called by ANO

The House adjourned indefinitely from a pair of extraordinary meetings called YES

Illustration photo – Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Karel Havlíček spoke at a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, February 10, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Today, according to previous agreements, the Chamber of Deputies adjourned indefinitely a pair of extraordinary meetings, which were called by the opposition YES to the availability of some medicines and to the proposal of the chairman Andrej Babiš to freeze the salaries of top politicians for five years. This happened in the break between the second reading and the final approval of the controversial government amendment on the reduction of the June valorization of pensions, which will start today at 08:00.

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The start date of the already convened pair of meetings depended precisely on the progress of the current extraordinary meeting called at the initiative of coalition MPs on the pension amendment, which is facing extensive opposition obstructions. The question of how to deal with the double meeting called by ANO took the deputies about three quarters of an hour on Friday.

The opposition ANO recently called four more extraordinary meetings, namely on the proposal to increase the parental allowance by a third with its regular valuation, to food prices, to the situation in the Czech Post and to the economic and social impacts of the introduction of the Euro 7 automobile emission standard. The Chamber will meet on these in turn on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 8.

President of the ANO club Alena Schillerová on Friday, she announced that she would have meetings on medicine and politicians' salaries called again so that MPs would meet at the normal time.