The chamber missed the law on raising the minimum wage to $ 15 across the country

Палата пропустила закон о повышении минимальный заработной платы до 15 долларов по всей стране

On Thursday, the House of representatives passed a bill that would raise the Federal minimum wage to $ 15 across America. However, it is unlikely that this measure will be adopted in the Republican-controlled Senate.

For the new law about the minimum salary voted 231 representative in the house, 199 against. Only three Republicans: Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Francis Rooney of Florida and Chris Smith of new Jersey joined the majority of Democrats. In addition, six Democrats opposed the new law.

The law on increase of wages for the first time in decades could lead to an overall increased minimum wages across the country by the year 20205. At the moment the minimum wage raised to $ 15 at the local level in Seattle, California and new York.

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