The chances of finding the restaurant at least one healthy dish – zero

Шансы найти в ресторане хоть одно здоровое блюдо - нулевые

Healthy restaurant food simply doesn’t exist. The study, which was conducted over 13 years, showed that in the American establishments, it is impossible to find healthy meals.

The results were published in The Journal of Nutrition. The analysis studied the eating habits of more than 35,000 Americans over the age of 13. The authors came to the startling conclusion that the chances of finding something healthy dish in an American restaurant is equal to zero.

Experts from tufts University have based their results on data from the National survey of health and nutrition, conducted in the years 2003-2016. They note that 70 percent of meals from fast food have absolutely poor quality food and half of the dishes in luxury restaurants with full services is also harmful for us. The number of meal options that can meet the healthy standards is 0.1%.

“Our findings show that eating out is a guarantee of an unhealthy diet in most cases,” says lead author Dariusz Mozaffarian (Dariush Mozaffarian).

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