The Chinese Foreign Minister in Cairo .. What is the importance of the visit and its implications at this time?

The Chinese Foreign Minister in Cairo .. What is the importance of the visit and its implications at this time?

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The Chinese Foreign Minister in Cairo .. What is the importance of the visit and its implications at this time?

On Sunday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with the Chinese Foreign Minister, where he reiterated Egypt’s firm position to preserve its water security represented by its historical rights to the Nile waters, by reaching a binding legal agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam that achieves the interests of all in a fair manner.

The Chinese Foreign Minister expressed his country’s full understanding of the utmost importance of the Nile River to Egypt, and then China continues its interest in finding a solution to this issue in a manner that meets the interests of all parties.

65 years of relationships

The Egyptian President stressed Cairo’s keenness to raise the level of the comprehensive strategic partnership that brings together the two countries, especially since this year coincides with the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Egyptian-Chinese diplomatic relations, which witnessed an extended course of cooperation and coordination between the two countries in various fields, as well as benefiting from the Chinese experience that It is a success story that the world seeks to study with the aim of promoting comprehensive development for the prosperity and well-being of peoples.

On Sunday, the foreign ministers of Egypt and China signed an agreement to establish a joint governmental cooperation committee.

In turn, the former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister and former Egyptian ambassador to Beijing, Ali Hefny, believes in statements to Sky News Arabia that the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Cairo comes in light of the strategic partnership relations that unite the two countries, and in support of the course of distinguished diplomatic relations, which witnessed 6 visits by the President Al-Sisi to Beijing, and a visit by the Chinese president to Cairo in 2016.

Hefni added that there is a strategic dialogue at the level of the two foreign ministries, and permanent communication between the two countries’ foreign ministers, and therefore the visit comes to add a new dimension to this momentum in relations, coinciding with the significant growth in the volume of joint business being implemented in Egypt, as well as the high rates of trade exchange. .

China became Egypt’s first trading partner for the eighth consecutive year since 2013, and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries exceeded $14.5 billion in 2020.

The volume of new investments last year amounted to $190 million, bringing the total to more than $1.2 billion, according to the Chinese ambassador to Cairo, Liao Liqiang.

AlNahda dam

The former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister explains that the visit gives an opportunity to discuss many issues of concern to the two countries, whether at the regional or international level, at the forefront of which is the issue of the Renaissance Dam, and the blockage with regard to the negotiation mechanism due to Ethiopia’s intransigence and its failure to respond to the initiatives put forward by Cairo. and Khartoum.

He added, “The crisis is still on the table in the Security Council, and it is expected to decide on the draft resolution submitted by Khartoum, and therefore we share with China our keenness to end the crisis in a diplomatic manner, and try to attract investments to the Horn of Africa because the stability of the situation in that region is in Egypt’s interest because it linked to regional security.

This is what Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry addressed during his talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, where he explained the position of Egypt and Sudan as two downstream countries, the need to preserve the interests of all parties and the need not to harm the water security of the downstream countries, as well as the importance of engaging in enhanced negotiations under the auspices of the African Union presidency. Reaching a binding legal agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam that takes into account the interests of all parties.

Shoukry stressed the importance of China’s position on this issue, which has a great impact on Egypt’s interests and national security.

The expert in international relations, Ayman Samir, said in statements to Sky News Arabia, that there is a discussion by Cairo in all the paths that can lead to a peaceful resolution of the conflict with Ethiopia, and thus bet on the roles of a major country the size of China that has strong investments in Ethiopia and relations Taiba is with the government of Abi Ahmed to reveal to the Ethiopian side that flexibility in negotiations and respect for international law relating to international transboundary rivers should be the ground and the means to reach a solution.

But he believes that China will not venture to put forward an initiative or mediation to solve the Renaissance Dam crisis, especially since Chinese diplomacy is not active in regional conflicts and is far from geopolitical areas, and it may see that putting forward such initiatives may lose it what it thinks is at the same distance from everyone.

Corona vaccine

Ambassador Ali Hefny returned to point out that Egypt and China’s relations have diversified greatly in the recent period, especially in the field of health and medical care, after they agreed to produce the Chinese anti-Covid-19 vaccine “Sinovac” in Egypt to meet the needs of Egypt and the African continent for vaccines.

President Sisi praised the coordination that took place at the highest levels since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic crisis, leading to the signing of the joint manufacturing agreement for the “Sinovac” vaccine in Egypt, which supports the national strategy for the localization of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry in Egypt, expressing aspiration to continue the fruitful cooperation between the two countries on All levels in an effort to strengthen international efforts to confront the repercussions of the epidemic.

Egypt is scheduled to start vaccinating its citizens with the locally produced “Sinovac” vaccine in early August.

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