The CIUSSS MCQ denies being immobile in the file of the Sainte-Croix Hospital

The CIUSSS MCQ defends itself from being motionless in the file of the Sainte-Croix Hospital

Drummondville doctors consider that the current establishment is not adequate.

The common front of Drummondville doctors to obtain a new hospital makes the regional health authorities react. In an internal press release sent Wednesday afternoon, the CIUSSS MCQ denies being immobile in this file.

The organization claims in particular to set up an innovation and planning committee to guide the realization of the new establishment at the structural and clinical level.

This is not to mention the upcoming appointment of a regional project manager and the visit of hospitals under construction elsewhere in Quebec for inspiration.

The President of the Committee of Physicians for a New Hospital, René Roux, worked for 43 years at the Sainte-Croix Hospital. He nevertheless said he was surprised by this internal communiqué.

I had the impression that they suddenly felt the need to wake up and do something, when you think they already opined that we needed a new hospital almost three years ago, he.

The deputy president and executive director of the CIUSSS MCQ, however, denies wanting to put smoke in the eyes with this communication intended for employees.

Nathalie Boisvert ensures that the preparatory work for a new hospital started a long time ago.

“It's a long job, getting an investment of this magnitude- there. All actions have been taken to move the file forward. This is a file that we started in 2019 with an analysis of the needs of the health establishment according to demographic changes. We have been working on the argument for several months to get the establishment to obtain the support of the ministry and the necessary envelopes. »

— Nathalie Boisvert, Deputy President and CEO of the CIUSSS MCQ

The CIUSSS MCQ ensures that the vital forces of the Drummondville medical community will be consulted at the appropriate time.

With information from Jean-François Dumas