The Coalition for a Poverty-Free Quebec denounces “irresponsible” tax cuts

The Coalition for a Poverty-Free Quebec denounces “irresponsible” tax cuts

alt =”The Coalition for a Quebec without Poverty denounces “irresponsible” tax cuts” />

iStockphoto In addition to reinvesting in the health, education and childcare networks, the Coalition for a Poverty-Free Quebec is calling for the strengthening of several elements of the safety net.

A coalition that defends the most disadvantaged is outraged by the announced tax cuts, which it finds downright “irresponsible”, while public services “are cracking everywhere”.

In its brief tabled in anticipation of Finance Minister Eric Girard's budget, the Coalition for a Poverty-Free Quebec instead asks him to reinvest in public services and tighten the meshes of the social net.


The coalition is also argue that tax cuts will not benefit those who need them most, but those with higher incomes.

“The current government keeps saying 'we're going to put money back in the pockets of Quebeckers. Well, maybe we should start saying it's in whose pockets we're going to put the most money, precisely,” thunders Serge Petitclerc, spokesperson for the coalition, in an interview Thursday.


He notes that according to the calculations, people who earn $100,000 will thus receive an $800 tax reduction. ” Is it normal ? asks Mr. Petitclerc.

He reports that people earning “minimum wage or a little more are going to food banks” and that the situation has worsened with the rise in food prices in recent months. As a result, you can't “go without income of $2 billion a year” with such tax cuts, he argues.

For a reinvestment


In addition to reinvestment in the health, education and childcare networks, the coalition calls for the strengthening of the safety net of social assistance, assistance for education, pensions and other support programs for the poor.

She also pleads for an increase in the solidarity tax credit, which already helps low-income taxpayers.

“We should avoid at all costs the vicious circle that has been created for several years, that is to say: each time we lower taxes, it leads to additional deficits, which require austerity, budgetary rigor, cuts. Which will lead to a new surplus, which we will bring back with tax cuts, which will lead to austerity. Basically, we're going in circles,” laments Mr. Petitclerc.

The Coalition for a Poverty-Free Quebec brings together 36 community, student, cooperative, feminist, union and religious organizations.

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