“The Coleman-Millaire-Fortin-Campbell”: what a family!

«Les Coleman-Millaire-Fortin-Campbell»: quelle famille!

Photo: Marie-Andrée Lemire
Three generations coexist in a daily chaotic and disorganized until the grandmother, the glue of the group, may need to be hospitalized.

The Theatre at the cold water has the good idea to bet on interesting foreign texts-contemporary. After the catalan Buffalo, the young company introduced Fred-Barry a piece of the Argentinean, Claudio Tolcachir. A work mounted in a number of countries, probably due to its universal theme : the family. A cocoon which can be both a support system, a co-dependency, and a prison that is tying us to each other.

The Coleman-Millaire-Fortin-Campbell, one realizes soon, are not really a typical family. Every member, or almost all, of this tribe désargentée door, a surname is different, evidence of the instability of the clan created by Loulou (Louise Cardinal). Three generations coexist in a daily chaotic and disorganized. Until the grandmother (the wonderful Muriel Dutil), which is a bit of the glue of the group, may need to be hospitalized. The noisy tribe then his room at the clinic to its new home port. Much to the chagrin of the chic Veronica (Catherine Beauchemin), the only one of the four children, who, because she was raised by her father, escaped to this hell sartrien which everyone dreams of emancipation.

The piece was created in 2005, a few years after the severe economic crisis in argentina has forced many people to return to the fold family and to share a roof. Knowing this, it is tempting to read a sub-text that is almost political. See, for example, in the great differences between the socio-economic condition of Vero and the rest of the family a comment on the arbitrary nature of these disparities of classes.

But first, it is the portrait of a clan dysfunctional that emerges from this production, staged by Louis-Karl, Tremblay. The precariousness of the family is symbolized by a simple décor, but transformative, Carol-Anne Bourgon Sicard : a diagonal wall that appears to be threatened at any moment to collapse. And the show put on a few dramatic compositions. The character of Mario is well defended by Simon Landry-Désy, this son devoid of a filter, in which the word scathing mixture of innocence and cruelty, inventions obdurate and revelations true. And there is, first and foremost, this mother-to-energy boosted and the maturity of a teenage girl, Louise Cardinal is a character both infuriating and endearing.

As in any family, it is necessary to tame the particular color. If the room in The Coleman-Millaire-Fortin-Campbell seemed at first a bit free of charge, absurd and restless, and it shows in the final work black and cruel. We will follow the next choice of a Theatre in the cold water with interest.

The Coleman-Millaire-Fort-Campbell

Text : Claudio Tolcachir. Translation and adaptation : Catherine Beauchemin. Directed by : Louis-Karl, Tremblay. A production of the Theatre to the cold water. Until 9 February, in the salle Fred-Barry.


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