The commander of the military police, Foltýn, will resign at his own request, reported Ekonomický deník

The commander of the military police, Foltýn, will resign at his own request, reported Ekonomický deník

The commander of the military police of Foltya quit at his own request, the Ekonomický deník

Illustration photo – Otakar Foltýn poses for a photographer of the Czech Press Office, June 29, 2022, Prague.

Prague – The commander of the military police, Otakar Foltýn, requested to be relieved of his duties at the end of February, Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) told Ekonomické deník today. Černochová informed the members of the House Defense Committee about his request and asked for the committee to be convened as soon as possible so that the request could be granted.

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Foltýn's departure is related, according to the server, to his progress in the matter of prosecution of the head of the military police inspection, Tomáš Voráč, due to the suspected purchase of a device to protect against eavesdropping from special financial funds of the military police. Foltýn did not put Voráč out of service, which he should have done according to the regulations, wrote the Economic Daily.

Černochová said that she received Foltýn's request last Thursday. “This afternoon, I asked the chairman of the committee for defense Lubomír Metnar (ANO) to convene the committee as soon as possible so that we can comply with Mr. Foltýn's request,” she told the server. According to her, the date of convening the committee depends on its members.

The server also connects the resignation with the possible transfer of Foltýn to the Castle in connection with the upcoming arrival of the team of the future president Petr Pavel. The former chief of the general staff now has some members of the military police under protection, he has already agreed with the president of the police on the conditions under which they could join the Office for the Protection of the President. He told journalists on Monday that he would like to continue working with people he knows and has full confidence in.

Foltýn has been the commander of the military police since last July, until then he served in the analytical department of the army command. In the past, he worked, for example, with the special forces in the department of concepts and management or as a lawyer at the inspectorate of the chief of the general staff. Černochová previously described Foltýn as an excellent military lawyer with almost twenty years of experience. As a lawyer, he worked in three foreign operations in the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

The Military Police was established in 1991 and fulfills the tasks of police protection of the armed forces, military facilities, military material and other property of the state managed by the Ministry of Defense . The Chief of the Military Police is directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense. There are around 1,200 military police officers, and according to the website of the military police, Foltýn's representative is Jiří Roček.