The Conservatives bet on Lucien Koty in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

The Conservatives bet on Lucien Koty in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

The Conservatives bet on Lucien Koty in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

Photo: Facebook video of the Conservative Party of Quebec Lucien Koty alongside Conservative leader Éric Duhaime, Sunday, during a conference of press announcing his candidacy for the by-election in the riding of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

The Conservative Party of Quebec has chosen Lucien Koty, the former candidate in Verdun, to defend their colors during the by-election in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne.

Lucien Koty is from Dasso, Benin, and arrived in Quebec in 1992 after a first university degree obtained in Eastern Europe. “My political commitment was initiated by health measures,” he said at the start of his speech on Sunday in Montreal. “We've been through a lot of divisions over the past 2 or 3 years. It is time to come to some reconciliation. At the Conservative Party of Quebec, we are proposing a serious alternative.

He will try to take the place of former liberal leader Dominique Anglade. The constituency has been vacant due to his departure since December 1.

Lucien Koty was a candidate in Verdun in the last election. He finished 5th with 5.35% of the votes cast.

“We have just removed the signs from the last elections, but there, we have to put them back”, launched the leader Éric Duhaime to the activists who came discover their candidate.

Among the points on which he intends to insist, Lucien Koty pleads for a reduction in taxes and a greater role for private health. “We want to collaborate with the private sector, to get this expertise on the side to allow our health system to function,” he explained.

Although he does not live in Saint- Henri–Sainte-Anne, he claims to live in “a neighboring riding”.

The by-election will take place on March 13, 2023.