The continuation of Supraphon's dramatic series is devoted to domestic hard rock

The continuation of Supraphon's dramatic series is devoted to domestic hard rock

The continuation of Supraphon's dramaturgical series is devoted to domestic hard rock< /p> Illustrative photo – Katapult frontman Oldřich Říha (right) performed with his group on February 9, 2018 in Stochov, Kladno, on the left is bassist Andy Budka.

Prague – The eighth installment of Supraphon's dramaturgical series, which is currently being published under the title Hard Rock Line 1970–1985, charts the history of Czech and Slovak rock music. The double-album compilation offers 42 songs performed by various bands and performers. The novelty follows on from recently released titles that return to domestic big beat and rock from the 60s to the 80s of the last century. Lukáš Kadeřábek informed ČTK about this on behalf of Supraphon publishing house.

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The compilation presents the work of fourteen bands and performers such as Blue Effect, George & Beatovens, Olympic, Flamengo, Catapult or Turbo. Hard Rock Line 1970-1985 does not neglect the extraordinary contribution of many others.

“For example, Jiří Schelinger and the F. R. Čech band started to venture into Black Sabbath after their pop beginnings. And if it weren't for the change of the hairy diva, eternal pioneer and discoverer Ota Petřina, the local scene would quite possibly have been deprived of the most successful rocker of the seventies and early eighties, Petru Janů. However, the energetic Ostrava diva Věra Špinarová and, of course, the rawly bewitching Jana Kratochvílová also made a significant contribution to the growing popularity of the apparently masculine genre with her decibel-laden vocals,” said Supraphon editor and producer Karel Denis in the accompanying text.

According to Deniš, the compilation of 42 selected compositions reflects the various shades of domestic musical efforts to keep a finger on the pulse of the times despite the ever-present difficulties and ideological surveillance.

The Hard Rock Line 1970-1985 compilation follows on from the previous titles Pop Rock Line 1966-1973 , Art Rock Line 1971–1985, Jazz Rock Line 1971–1981, Rock Line 1970–1974, Beat (Al)Boom 1968–1970, Big Beat Line 1965–1968, and Beatline 1967–1969.