The coronavirus can get two-thirds of the world’s population – who expert

Коронавирусом может заразиться две трети населения планеты, – эксперт ВОЗ

Due to the fact that the number of cases of infection with coronavirus have significantly increased, scientists have predicted the disappointing results of such flare – Contracting coronavirus can two-thirds of humanity.

Advisor to the world health organization the Ira Longini said in an interview with the Agency that the number of patients can reach a billion people.

Each patient usually passes the infection to two or three other people. To see how the infection spreads is difficult because of the lack of rapid tests, and because some people who are carriers of the virus, symptoms appear in a weak form.

Isolation of patients and quarantine measures can stop the spread of the coronavirus,
noted epidemiologist Ira of Longini.

However, the who noted that the measures that China introduces, gives the world time to prepare to fight the infection.

With Longini solidarity and other international experts in the field of Virology.

In particular, a researcher from Imperial College London Neil Ferguson suggested that the number of those who contracted the coronavirus in China, can reach up to 50 thousand people a day.

What is known about the Chinese Covid coronavirus-19

  • As of February 14, the Chinese coronavirus died 1 383 participants from 64 441 infected.
  • From the disease die in about 9% of those infected.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • In Ukraine, not a single case of suspected coronavirus has not been confirmed, but two Ukrainians have contracted the coronavirus on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess”.
  • In China have suspended group tours.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country, where raging epidemic.
  • February 11, citizens of Ukraine had to evacuate from Wuhan, however evacuation did not take place.

Коронавирусом может заразиться две трети населения планеты, – эксперт ВОЗ

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