The costs of repeated senate elections in Most must be paid by the city

The costs of repeated senate elections in Most must be paid by the city

Costs for repeated parliamentary elections in Most must be paid by the city

Repeated elections to the Senate began in Mostek on January 27. Nine people are running, including doctor Alena Dernerová, who is defending the senate mandate in this district. The Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) decided to repeat the elections, which declared the autumn elections, in which Dernerová won, invalid. The photo shows polling station No. 7 in Most.

Ústí nad Labem – The cost of 2.2 million crowns for the senate elections in Most, which were repeated in 2017, must be paid by the city to the Ministry of Finance. The Regional Court of Appeal in Ústí nad Labem today confirmed the decision of the district court. The elections were held twice due to the actions of the former secretary, who received a conditional sentence from the court because she did not take into account the withdrawal of Alena Derner's candidacy. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the city of Most did not participate in today's meeting. The magistrate first wants to familiarize himself with the judgment and its justification. When asked by ČTK, Judge Jiří Vild said that the judgment will become final after notification has been delivered to all parties to the proceedings.

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“With a statement on the matter, Most will wait for the decision to be made in writing,” city spokeswoman Klára Vydrová told ČTK. The judge pointed out that the municipality can appeal to the Supreme Court.

Most's attorney Tomáš Kindl suggested in his closing speech that the Court of Appeal reject the state's lawsuit because the case was already time-barred, the original elections in October 2016 were thwarted, but the amount calculated by the Ministry of Finance refers to the repeated elections in January 2017. The District Court dismissed the Ministry of Finance's lawsuit for repeated elections and accordingly did not consider the claim time-barred. Legal representative of the Ministry of Finance Jiří Straka proposed that the regional court reject the appeal and confirm the decision of the Mostek court.

“The senate of the appeals court basically agreed with the conclusions of the court of first instance. However, it was necessary to supplement its conclusions argumentatively,” said the judge, saying that the important thing is that the appeals court also came to the opinion that the defendant's claim is not time-barred. The damage already occurred at the moment when the Supreme Administrative Court ruled on the invalidity of the elections, Vild said. Repeated elections were held separately, while invalid elections were held together with regional council elections. Vild said it was impossible to say how much the invalid election cost when it was held at the same time as others. “Therefore, the qualified estimate and the actual amount for the Senate elections is the amount that was spent on the repeated elections,” the judge added. the first vice-president of the then divided Severočeš movement, Hana Jeníčková, on the withdrawal of Alena Dernerová's candidacy. Subsequently, Dernerova won. However, following complaints, the Supreme Administrative Court annulled the elections and ordered them to be repeated. Dernerová won again, in repeated elections she ran as an independent candidate.