The couple stabbed each other in a Moscow hotel

The couple stabbed each other in a Moscow hotel

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The couple stabbed each other in a Moscow hotel

During a quarrel, the common-law spouses stabbed each other in one of the hotels in Moscow. This was reported on July 20 by the TV channel REN TV…

The incident took place on Monday, July 19, at a hotel on Papernik Street. A 29-year-old man and a 21-year-old girl, both newcomers, quarreled and fought. According to the girl, the roommate stabbed her in the thigh and abdomen. She was taken to the hospital.

The man was also injured. According to him, the girl hit him with a “rose”, while she herself was injured. The victim was hospitalized.

The fact of the incident is being checked.

On July 19, in the Kaliningrad region, a man was detained, who attacked vacationers on the beach with a knife. According to REN TV, on vacationers, who spent the night in a tent in Baltiysk, was attacked by a marine. He wanted to rob the tourists, but one of them resisted, as a result of which he received several stab wounds. The victim is in the hospital in a state of moderate severity.

Earlier, on July 10, Moscow State University professor, historian and philosopher Yevgeny Kartsev stabbed his son with a knife. The 72-year-old scientist returned home drunk. His 39-year-old son was indignant and reprimanded him, then the scientist grabbed a knife and stabbed his son in the stomach with it.