The court in Pilsen gave a man a suspended sentence for his words about killing covid patients

The court in Pilsen imposed a suspended sentence on a man for his words about killing covid patients

Illustrative photo – Defendant Pavel Hlávka in the corridor of the Pilsen District Court, where he stood trial on February 23, 2022, for spreading an alarmist message. The indictment accuses him of accusing doctors and paramedics of the Pilsen University Hospital in the spring of 2021 of letting covid patients die because they do not want to give them ivermectin and isoprinosine.

Pilsen – Today, the district court in Pilsen imposed a suspended sentence on 64-year-old Pavlo Hlávek, who was charged with spreading an alarmist message. Before the court, he stood up for his words the year before last about the fact that the university hospital in Pilsen lets patients with covid die when it does not want to give them the preparations ivermectin and isoprinosine. The district court acquitted Hlávka of the charges last summer, but the regional court of appeal overturned the verdict and sent it back to the district court. In addition to spreading the alarmist news, today the court also convicted Hlávka of defamation due to his comments about the head of the internal clinic.

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The court sentenced Hlávka to 2.5 years with an equally long probationary period, and he must also publicly apologize to the Pilsen University Hospital and the head of the first internal clinic, Martin Matějovič.

Last year, a man filmed a video in the Covid department of a university hospital, where he demanded that doctors give ivermectin to his seriously ill mother. He posted a more than three-hour program with a commentary recording of his visit to the hospital on the platform Svobodný vyšáč, to which he contributes. Hlávka brought the medicine to the hospital himself. Because he committed the act during a state of emergency, he faced up to eight years in prison. Hlávka declared in court that he only wanted to achieve his mother's recovery by persuading doctors to give her this medicine. To this day, he is convinced that ivermectin would have helped his mother.

At the height of the pandemic, the man was admitted to the covid ward to see his mother, who was in a very bad condition. Hlávka himself admitted in the recording that he was let go after her to say goodbye to her because she was dying. In the ward, he began to secretly record videos of the medical staff, his mother, who was almost uncommunicative, and other patients. The mother died not long after the son's visit.

In a video on the Internet, Hlávka complained that no one had properly informed him about his mother's condition. He also stated there that the hospital is allowing covid patients, especially the elderly, to die, thus carrying out “pension reform”. According to the court, he mocked and ironized the priority of the clinic, claiming that he was “politically hooked because he was rewarded by the governor”.