The court will decide in the Viktoriagruppe case and the missing Czech diesel

The court will decide in the Viktoriagruppe case and the missing Czech diesel

Court decides in case of Viktoriagruppe and missing Czech diesel

Illustrative photo – The municipal court in Prague ruled on the case of missing Czech diesel in the Bavarian warehouse of the Viktoriagruppe company, April 28, 2022. The indictment claims that four employees of the company defrauded the state of 108 million crowns. From left, Lubomír Novotný, Jaroslav Slavík, Miroslav Holub.

Prague – The Prague Municipal Court will issue a verdict today in the case of the Viktoriagruppe company and the missing Czech diesel fuel in the Bavarian warehouse. Petr Malý, the manager of the bankrupt German company, three managers of the Czech branch and the company itself face the indictment in the case. In his closing speech, the public prosecutor proposed to send all four men to prison for 7.5 to 10 years and to impose a ban on Viktoriagruppe from protecting material reserves. According to the indictment, the quartet defrauded the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR) of at least 108 million crowns. All defendants deny guilt.

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The municipal court is dealing with the case for the second time. Last year, he found the company, Malé and one of the managers of the company's spin-off plant located in Dolní Břežany, Lubomír Novotné, guilty. He acquitted two other men – Jaroslav Slavík and MIroslav Holub of the charges without authority.

SSHR paid the company a fee for storing Czech diesel, the amount of which depended on the amount of fuel stored. Viktoriagruppe, on the other hand, was to pay a fine if it did not manage to store the agreed amount of diesel on time. According to the public prosecutor, the company did not actually manage to do this and decided to cover it up by fictitiously increasing diesel stocks with two false receipts sent to SSHR for reimbursement. In addition, from November 2012 to January 2013, the defendants allegedly removed three trainsets of diesel, which SSHR did not reimburse.

When Viktoriagruppe went bankrupt in 2015, a legal battle began over the stored supplies. In the end, after negotiations with the bankruptcy administrator, the Czech Republic gradually managed to move the diesel back from the Bavarian Krailling. However, after the last tanker arrived from Germany, the measurement confirmed fears that some of the fuel was missing. SSHR was short of 6.3 million liters of fuel. The administration had a dispute with the insolvency administrator about the ownership of the diesel, the District Court for Prague 5 in April decided without jurisdiction that the fuel belongs to SSHR.