The creators of Intersuch will evaluate this winter and show the outlook

The creators of Intersuch will evaluate this winter and show the outlook


Field irrigation, drought – illustrative photo.

Větrný Jeníkov (Jihlavsko) – Representatives of the Intersucho project will today at a meeting with users in Větrný Jeníkov in Jihlavsko evaluate the development of the weather last year and present assumptions about the development of the weather this year. Among the users of the project are primarily farmers, but also, for example, foresters. The project has been helping farmers in planning seasonal work for several years and is supported by scientists from the Institute of Global Change Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Mendel University in cooperation with the State Land Office.

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All project outputs can be found on the website The services it has been providing to farmers since 2012 are still expanding. The basic ones include monitoring of the current drought, drought forecast for the next nine days, drought prediction based on statistical models, both for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is also possible to monitor the level of drought in Central Europe.

In Větrné Jeníkov, participants will listen to a presentation, the topics of which will include the agrometeorological assessment of 2022 and current winters, climate change in the Czech Republic, the effects of drought in Europe and the world last year and the outlook for this year. One of the contributions will be an assessment of the causes of the fire in Czech Switzerland, which burned part of the national park last summer and is one of the largest in recent years.

The Intersucho project also includes the AgroRisk and FireRisk websites, which warn of fire and cultivation risks. Since last year, the creators of Intersuch have established cooperation with the Czech platform for global weather forecast, where it is possible to monitor the state and prediction of drought on a global scale.