The Czech Film and Television Academy awarded dramaturg Pittermannová

The Czech Film and Television Academy awarded dramaturg Pittermannová

Czech Film and Television Academy awarded playwright Pittermannová

Presentation award of the Czech Film and Television Academy Czech Lion, March 4, 2023, Rudolfinum, Prague. Moderator of the evening Jiří Havelka.

Prague – The Czech Lion Award for outstanding contribution to Czech cinematography was received today by film dramaturg Marcela Pittermannová. She was at the origin of many films and fairy tales for children. A number of these films have been awarded at domestic and international festivals, such as The Little Mermaid or Guys. For a long time she collaborated with personalities of Czech film production for children, including Ota Hofman, Věra Plívová-Šimková or Václav Vorlíček.

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Ninety-year-old Pittermann did not attend the ceremony due to health reasons. In the thank-you speech she sent, she described the opportunity to work on the dramaturgy of a children's film as luck.

This evening is accompanied by director, actor and moderator Jiří Havelka. The crystal statuettes are usually presented to the laureates by the moderators of the past editions of the Czech Lions. This year is the jubilee thirtieth year of the event.

183 members out of a total of 371 members of the ČFTA voted for the nominations for the Czech Lion award. They chose from 47 feature films, 15 documentaries, 16 television works, nine animations and ten short films. In the final vote, academics evaluated 32 titles in 19 statutory categories.