The Czech filmmakers from the production “On the Western Front” did not achieve peace at the Oscars

The Czech filmmakers from the production “On the Western Front” did not achieve peace at the Oscars

Ifš these filmmakers from the production On the Western Front did not achieve peace at the Oscar

A scene from the film Quiet on the Western Front produced by Netflix.

Los Angeles – None of the four Czech filmmakers nominated for an Oscar for their work on the film Peace on the Western Front ultimately takes home a golden statuette from the award ceremony in Los Angeles. The nomination in the make-up category was not turned into a victory by the pair with the Czech Linda Eisenhamerová, neither the team with Viktor Müller and Kamil Jafar nominated for visual effects, nor the sound team with the Czech Viktor Prášil. The ten-year-long wait for a new Czech Oscar winner continues.

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The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored the make-up artists and hair stylists from the production of the drama The Whale, in which the actor Brendan Fraser was transformed into the obese English teacher Charlie. In the category of best visual effects, the film Avatar: The Way of Water won, as expected, the award for best sound went to another action blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick.

The Czech quartet participated in the war film On the Western Front Calm, which was largely filmed in the Czech Republic. Eisenhamer was nominated together with her colleague Heike Merker, Müller and Jafar together with Frank Petzold and Markus Frank, Prášil was then part of a five-member team striving for the most prestigious film award.

The new adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's famous novel earned a total of nine nominations, of which she converted four.

The failure of the creators of the German film in the three mentioned technical categories means that Markéta Irglová remains the last Oscar winner from the Czech Republic. Together with her Irish partner Glen Hansard, she was awarded by the American Academy in 2008 for the song Falling Slowly from the film Once.