The day Chabelo left Televisa after 47 years on the air

The day Chabelo left Televisa after 47 years on the air

“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end“ said the Friend of All Children” in his last program on television

The day Chabelo left Televisa after 47 years on the air< /p>Xavier López "Chabelo" announced his retirement with a YouTube video

This March 25, 2023 Xavier López, “Chabelo” died, and among Mexicans aroused nostalgia for the iconic < b>Televisa, “In Family with Chabelo”, with which several generations grew up and which for the actor represented his greatest professional success.

On December 20, 2015, the children's comedian paralyzed the Mexican public by announcing the end of his morning game show, which has been on the air for 47 years.

Despite being close to the long-awaited goal of 50 years at aire, suddenly “the friend of all children” stopped accompanying Mexican families on their Sunday mornings.

“Yes, really is thatMr. López did not face us as he has to, as he always did, and in the end I don't know why, and I don't want to know, because the only ones who can give the reliable reality of how the things were the actors of that meeting where the program ended”, recalled Jorge Alberto Aguilera for Infobae México.

The announcement that it was going off the air after 47 years of experience was given by Xavier López through a video he posted on YouTube in November 2015.

“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end. En Familia… with Chabelo goes off the air on December 20, but one cycle closes and another begins (… ). I send all my love and respect to all the cuatitos, to the cuatitas and also to all those who are still children on the inside”, said the comedian.

The day Chabelo left Televisa after 47 years on the air

According to Jorge Aguilera, Chabelo never thanked his work team (Photo: Facebook/Chabelo)

After this announcement the countdown began, which many did not want reached zero. However, the announced date arrived: on the morning of December 20, 2015, the cameras that were in forum two of Televisa San Ángel pointed at the set with Chabelo in the center.Despite the fact that part of the program took place as it did every Sunday for almost half a century, the atmosphere was different: among the audience there were people with banners, the same ones expressing their affection and gratitude towards the comedian.

One ​​of the most notable moments during the last broadcast of the program occurred when Emilio Azcárraga Jean, president of Televisa, entered the frameand, with a microphone in hand, he went towards the driver commenting on how difficult it was to have decided to say goodbye to Chabelo.

“It is the first time that I have had to be on this side (of the set of) En Familia, I just had to be on the side of the public”, said Azcárraga while Xavier López, silent and notoriously sad, he listened carefully. “The truth is that I am proud to be able to be with such an important character in the history of television in the world.”

The day Chabelo left Televisa after 47 years on the air

En Familia was one of the longest-running programs in the history of Mexican television

In addition to these recognitions, Azcárraga Jean also noted the achievements of < b>En Familia for the television station itself and how this influenced it: “Having a family program with all the values ​​like the one you do, Chabelo, it has been a pillar of many formats and obviously a pillar of many lessons for everyone.”

En Familia was one of the programs with longest run in television history. In 2012, he was awarded two Guinness Records: one for being the longest-running host of a children's television show and for being the actor who has represented his family for the longest time character in the world.