The death anniversary of Sergei Parajanov: the genius and Ukraine

Годовщина смерти Сергея Параджанова: гений и Украина

A genius of cinema, Armenian by origin Sergey Parajanov 20 July 1990 died in Yerevan. World renown artist brought the adaptation of the work of Ukrainian writer Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky “shadows of forgotten ancestors”.

That connects great film Director from Ukraine read in the material LifeStyle 24.

It all began with Shevchenko

Parajanov worked as an assistant Director on the film “Taras Shevchenko”.

Годовщина смерти Сергея Параджанова: гений и Украина

Jun 28, graduated from VGIK, was directed at the Kiev Studio feature films as a Director.

Connected with Ukraine a significant part of the biography of the artist. In Ukraine created the films “Natalia uzhvy”, “Golden hands”, “Thought” (all-1957), “the First lad” (1958), “Ukrainian Rhapsody” (1961), “a flower on the stone” (1962, in collaboration with A. Slisarenko).

“Shadows zabutykh ancestors”

International acclaim came to Parajanov after the film adaptation of the 1964 novel of Mikhail Kotsyubinsky “shadows of forgotten ancestors”.

Годовщина смерти Сергея Параджанова: гений и Украина

The film was awarded the prize at all-Union film festival in Kiev (1966). And yet in the West (where the film was shown, entitled “Fire horses”) interest in him was much greater than at home.

The film has received 39 international awards, 28 awards at film festivals (including – 24 Grand Prix) in twenty-one countries. Parajanov sent their congratulations Fellini, Antonioni, Kurosawa, and the Polish Director Andrzej Wajda was before Parajanov on his knees and kissed the hand, thanks for this masterpiece.

For the desire of freedom in jail

In 1965-1968 Paradjanov, together with other figures of Ukrainian science and culture, protesting against mass political arrests in Ukraine, appealed to the Supreme party and state bodies with the requirement to explain the reasons for the persecution of Ukrainian intellectuals and advocated the holding of open trials that would be to ensure the fairness of the proceedings.

In March 1973 in Kiev, was arrested and sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment for homosexuality, although the conviction was the article “speculation” and “Ukrainian nationalism.”

Parajanov was given five years in a strict regime colony. Despite the “juicy” article, which put film artists, he became a great authority in the prison.

Thanks to an international campaign of protest on 30 March 1977 Parajanov was released. Given the prohibition to live in Ukraine, he settled in Tbilisi. And later was persecuted by the Soviet repressive bodies.

Due to ideological censorship did not leave the film “Intermezzo” (with M. Kotsiubynsky), “Kyiv frescoes”, “Icarus”, “the Confession”.

Recognition in Ukraine

Годовщина смерти Сергея Параджанова: гений и Украина

Is Armenian and Ukrainian film Director. Is the people’s artist of USSR (1990), laureate of the State prize of Ukraine. T. Shevchenko (1991, posthumously).

In 2013, removed the Ukrainian biographical film about Paradjanov. Directors was made by Olena Fetisova and Serge Avedikian. Serge Avedikian also played a major role. The film premiered on 4 July 2013 at the film festival in Karlovy vary, a rental in Ukraine, the film will be released on October 3. Parajanov was nominated from Ukraine for the Oscar in the category “best foreign language film”.

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