The decline in sales of the iPhone signals the beginning of a new chapter for Apple

La baisse des ventes de iPhone signale le début d’un nouveau chapitre pour Apple

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Apple stock has lost a third of its value in less than four months, erasing about 370 billion US $of its stock market value.

Apple hoped to offset the slowdown in demand for its iPhone by increasing the price of its product the most important, but this strategy seems to be turned against it, as sales slumped during the Holiday season, particularly in China, the world’s largest market for smartphones.

The director-general Tim Cook, who is in regular contact with the us president, Donald Trump, however, told Reuters hope for a relaxation on the front of the trade tensions between china and the us.

The chief executive officer of the american giant of the computer must now face the most difficult challenge he has met since he replaced co-founder Steve Jobs, there are seven and a half years. Even if it tries to increase the sales of the iPhone, Mr. Cook must also prove that Apple can still thrive even if the demand does not rebound.

This promises to be a difficult battle, given that Apple stock has lost a third of its value in less than four months, erasing about 370 billion US $of its stock market value.

The challenge for Mr. Cook took flight Tuesday with the publication of the report on the quarterly results of Apple, four weeks after the publication of a warning which had the effect of a bomb for the investors of Wall Street. Apple had then warned that it would its own forecasts of sales for the first time in fifteen years — the time when the iPod was just starting to transform the society. “This is the decisive moment for Mr Cook,” said Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. “He has lost credibility on Wall Street, then he will now have to take us by the hand during this foray into a new chapter. “

The results for the October to December quarter were slightly above expectations of analysts, who had been reduced after the warning of the 2nd of January. Profits declined slightly to $ 20 billion, while revenues declined by 5 % compared to the previous year, reaching $ 84 billion.


Security flaw in FaceTime

Apple, which seeks to present himself as the champion of the security and the privacy, is taken back by the discovery of a flaw to spy on users of FaceTime, its video calling application. The giant american digital has been forced to announce Monday evening the United States that it suspended the feature to “group calls” FaceTime, the time that an update to the mobile operating system iOS (used by smart phones and tablets of apple) can be broadcast to all its users. The reason for this suspension ? Users of FaceTime have discovered that with this feature that allows several people to chat together through video, it was possible to listen to, or even to film without their knowledge for some users. According to some experts, security vulnerabilities, like the one that has been a victim FaceTime are almost inevitable, or in any case extremely difficult to prevent. “The problem is one of the applications to which it is continuously adding features of more complex,” says Gerome Billois, a specialist in cyber security in the cabinet Wavestone. The greater the number of features increases, ” and the more likely the occurrence of a scenario strange that nobody had thought of “.

The disappointment of the last quarter has intensified the attention paid to the predictions of Apple for the first three months of the year, as investors were trying to better understand the sales of iPhone by the release of the next models in the fall. Apple predicted that its revenue for the period from January to march would be between $ 55 billion and $ 59 billion. Investors reacted positively, pushing up shares of Apple more than 4 % in transactions post-meeting. The results were published after the closure of the stock markets.

Apple now has 360 million subscribers to its services and the services of third parties, and it is aimed at a target of 500 million by the end of 2020, points out Reuters. The group also enumerates 1.4 billion devices, assets, or an increase of 100 million in a year, of which 900 million are iPhone.

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