The director-general of the Parti québécois to leave his position

Le directeur général du Parti québécois quitte son poste

Photo: Valérian Mazataud Archives The Duty

The director-general of the Parti québécois, Alain Lupien, leaves his post.

The training policy the announcement was made Tuesday morning by way of press release.

Mr. Lupien and the president of the party, Gabrielle Lemieux, have taken this decision jointly, according to the press release.

We can read that the employment relationship was ” entered into in order to implement the new directions that are being set by the national executive board, and considering the mandates made by Mr. Lupien “.

Remember that the Parti quebecois is getting involved in yet another reconstruction, after the rout suffered in the elections last October, which passed 28 to 10 seats.

Last week, the caucus présessionnel of the Parti québécois, Mr. Lupien was present to attend the deliberations of elected officials.

He remained in that position until the end of February to ensure the transition.

In the release, Mr. Lupien said that “it happens now at the time of passing of the torch” and that he intends to do with ” the more collaborative and open as possible in order to make a smooth transition “.


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