The doctors called a number of dangerous occupations after a meal

What you should not do after eating. Is concerned about all the people who are not indifferent for their own health. Doctors do not recommend the number of lessons after a meal. This publication reports Times Now.

Врачи назвали ряд опасных занятий после приема пищи

So, it is strictly not recommended after eating:

To take a shower.

Don’t run to the bathroom after Breakfast or dinner, wait 40 minutes and then begin to water procedures.

Do not smoke cigarettes.

Smoking after a meal significantly increases the occurrence of cancer. Smoking after meals causes irritable bowel syndrome and also not the best way affects the muscles of the colon.

Do not drink tea.

Wait 30 minutes and enjoy a coffee. Otherwise the body can not normally get from food iron.

Do not eat fruit.

Eating fruit after the main meal will be an extra burden on the digestive tract and they will ferment in the intestines and sour. It is best to consume them an hour before a meal or at least two after.

Do not go to sleep immediately after eating.

This is a very bad habit. When you lie, a small amount of digestive juices flow from the stomach back into the esophagus, you get heartburn.

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