The doctors: hugs and physical intimacy healthy

Hugs stimulate the production of hormones of happiness and make you feel good. Contact with the body is important — it helps adults cope with stress, helping children to grow. The annual “world hug day” (National Hugging Day) needs to push us on January 21 to hug as many people as possible.

Врачи: объятия и физическая близость полезны для здоровья

Why embrace it?

Leather adult size up to two square meters — about the size of a door. Because body and mind are closely related, touching our greatest and most sensitive sense organ is in us a certain reaction.

“Not hugging people fade and can get sick,” says Ute Replacer from the Federal Association of independent physiotherapists (Germany).

When we embrace, the body releases substances that are commonly called “hormones of happiness”. For example, oxytocin has a calming effect, helps reduce stress and strengthens interpersonal relationships. Dopamine elevates mood.

Various studies have shown that the heart of people who hug each other regularly beats more calmly, explains the therapist. People with regular physical contact also had lower stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

Children often embrace the elderly and less — why?

“Children will naturally seek physical intimacy to cope with stress,” explains Martin Grunwald, head of the research laboratory of gaplikov at the University of Leipzig.

The elderly often live with the lack of touch. Sufficient contact is often only possible when the partner is still alive.

“Young people can’t imagine the existence of the old man.”

Not everyone has friends or family to hug. Does it matter if you are hugging a stranger?

“The calming aspects of short arms faster and stronger from a friend of the person,” explains Grunwald. — Touch to close, a pleasant person particularly good, because it goes hand in hand with confidence, says Replacer. Even cuddling with a pet affect the “hormones of happiness””.

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