The dog is white — bold soul: living As the color changes the aura in the house

If you have a red pet, then good luck will start to chase at his heels.

Собака белая — душа смелая: Как цвет живого меняет ауру в доме

When choosing a dog important criterion is the color of the coat. He carries a special energy, which will change the atmosphere in the family. Esoterica said, what secrets does the color of the animal.

Completely black dog will bring the aura of tranquility and balance. With the advent in the house of such an animal, all the quarrels will disappear, differences disappear, and the understanding of the spouses will grow several times. But if the pet is bad, it will kill the energy field in the house the feeling of love and happiness. Also, a special aura have a dog with white spots on the back. Esoterics say that their energy is directed at financial enrichment and health. Spotted dog will be the best defender against colds and unnecessary spending, the more spots, the more it changes the aura in the house.

The particular energy have red Pets. If them hang on the neck of the clover, their luck will be envied by everyone. Dog, this color will fill the house permanent good luck that will follow on the heels. Esoterics say that if you ironed a red dog every day, you can become the happiest person. But the white dog will add to the owner courage. The color of the dog will fill the human soul with confidence and strength that will help him to achieve new goals.

The dog — man’s best friend. Coat colour can greatly change the aura in the house. And the attitude of the owner towards the dog, send it in a good or bad way.

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