The dog was ahead of the Prime Minister of Finland in the poll for the title of the most popular resident of Tampere

Собака опередила премьер-министра Финляндии в опросе на звание самого популярного жителя Тампере

German shepherd named Topi bypassed the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin in the competition for the title of most popular resident of the city of Tampere. This was reported by the newspaper Tamperelainen, who conducted the survey.

It was attended 3892 person.

Shepherd has managed to gain 15% of votes in his support, the head of the Finnish government, which became the second, and 14.5%. Third place was taken by a rock musician Jarkko Ahola.

The five Swamp has its own page in Instagram, which signed more than 133 thousand people, most of them from abroad. The dog’s owner Nina Linstedt said that was posting in the social network photos Topi, when she was a puppy.

After winning the competition, Nina and Topi thanked subscribers for their support.

Marin was born in Helsinki, but with the teenage years lived in Tampere. She was appointed head of the government of Finland on 8 December 2019, becoming at age 34 the youngest Prime Minister of Europe (earlier it is an informal title belonged to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk).

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