The expert gave recommendations on how to deal with the constant feeling of hunger

Belong to those people who are hungry all the time and “technique plates” leaves you hungry? Specialist weight loss dietitian Albina Komissarova shared recommendations of what to do with the constant feeling of hunger.

Эксперт дала рекомендации, как справиться с постоянным чувством голода

Expert advice:

Start with the food diary, the only way you can really assess your diet. Write down everything you drink and eat, so you will see the full picture.

Review the diary, whether it is products that satisfy?

  • rich in protein (meat, fish, poultry, seafood, legumes)
  • rich in fiber (cereals, vegetables and fruits)
  • complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, bread)

If not, you need to add!

In my experience, people often don’t get a complex carbohydrates. You have no prejudices, is that carbohydrates are not for dinner? You can! Need! The only way you will be fed until the morning!

Note the number of meals, preferably to no less than 3 snacks is also available if you need them;

Take the dinner 3 hours before bedtime, and not at 18 o’clock in the evening, then you won’t be hungry before bed or early in the morning;

Don’t be afraid to moderate consumption of fats: Dairy products, butter, avocado and nuts.

If you don’t eat by the method of plates, it is not necessary to increase the size of the portions, and try to increase the energy value of: add cheese, nuts, butter and so on.

If all does not help – consult a doctor-dietitian.

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