The expert told about the rules that should be followed before and after a meal

Rituals before and after a meal is no less important than the meal, because it affects the wellbeing, health and even appearance. So, blogger-nutritionist Svetlana Bugala said in Instagram that it is not necessary, and what to do after a meal.

Эксперт рассказала о правилах, которым стоит следовать до и после приема пищи

Everyone knows that it is forbidden to swim for 30 minutes after a meal. In childhood this is often the mother said. But this is not the only “contraindication” and there are things that are really harmful as soon as ate.

3 things never to do after a meal:

Brush your teeth

Unexpectedly. But there are cases when this can not be done. When you eat carbohydrates or something sweet, it is even useful. Mouth going bacteria that also want to grab a tasty. Brushing your teeth will benefit.

But! If you’ve eaten citrus fruits or foods with high acidity, your enamel right now is in its weakest condition. Brushing your teeth will hurt her. Enamel and we have not recovered. Is best to brush your teeth before eating and after eating to drink a glass of water.

To go to bed

Yes, do not eat after 18 — it’s an old bike. But don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime is a healthy recommendation. And in General, lie down after eating impossible. You must be in an upright position for better digestion. But if you have heartburn, that is a mandatory rule.

During the meal, gravity acts on your food and it goes down. And when lying this process is disrupted.

Sports (including swimming)

Yes, mom was right. But it is not that all the blood rushes to the digestive organs. It was considered that there is a risk of fatigue and is likely to drown.

This has some truth, but the real reason is that training on a full stomach may cause upset and cramps in muscles. Better not to eat at least 2 hours before her.

But what to do after a meal:

Easy walk AIDS digestion. Especially if the dish was hearty. 5 km at a measured pace will ensure a good night’s sleep to boot. And the food will have time to go through all their cycles. Walk after lunch and dinner and lie on the couch.

A glass of water after meals. Oh Yes, many people still believe that after eating can not drink. But it’s not. Water improves the movement of food in the intestine. And drinking a glass of water at dinner or after it, only to help you to enter its normal.

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