The expiring Zeman pardoned the company, which had prohibited public contracts

The expiring Zeman pardoned the company, which had prohibited public contracts

Ending Zeman pardoned a company that had banned public zky

Czech President Miloš Zeman (pictured on December 7, 2022).

Prague – Outgoing President Miloš Zeman granted a pardon to the company, which waived the remainder of the ban on public contracts and participation in public tenders. The president's spokesman Jiří Ovčáček stated this on the Castle's website, but did not name the company. He mentioned that she received the punishment for the crime of arranging an advantage in the awarding of a public contract. For example, trade unionists from the construction company Metrostav, which was convicted in the case of former central Bohemian governor David Rath, sought Zeman's pardon for their company. ČTK is investigating the company's statement.

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“The President of the Republic took into account the fact that the sentence adversely affects the employees of the given company, and the fact that the pardoned company has already served a significant part of the sentence,” said Ovčáček. “I'm not authorized to specify,” he replied to ČTK's question whether the pardon applies to Metrostav, which was banned from participating in public tenders for three years.

Zeman informed about the pardon the day before the end of his mandate. Even this pardon, as well as some others, does not correspond to the conditions that he himself set after assuming the presidency: i.e. that he will grant pardons only to a strictly limited range of humanitarian cases – the perpetrator must not have been guilty of a serious crime, must have had serious health problems and secured family background. In December 2013, Zeman transferred the granting of pardons to the Ministry of Justice, which assesses the requests and submits only those that meet the mentioned conditions to the Castle. ČTK is looking for the reaction of the Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek (ODS).