The father of Lindsay Lohan was arrested on charges of domestic violence

59-year-old Michael Lohan lashed out with his fists on his wife Kate major, with whom they had a few years not living together.

Отец Линдси Лохан арестован по обвинению в домашнем насилии

Kate wrote a letter to Michael at the police station HAMPTON, saying that Lohan struck her after she accused him of infidelity: the wife peeped his search history on computer, from which he realized that he ordered the escort services in Houston, where he went on a business trip. Major claims that Michael first threw her plastic hangers from clothing and then grabbed him by the throat and started to choke him, leaving bruises. And when she tried to leave the house, Lohan threatened to stab her with a knife.

Michael Lohan with his wife, Katkat also blames the wife for the death of her beloved hamster: when the fight started, she was holding it in my hands, but dodging hangers dropped and pet crashed. In addition, according to the lawyer of the wife of Michael Lochau, now his client aching wrist and almost lost his voice.

Recall, this is not the first or even fifth time, when Michael was arrested for violence towards Kate. According to police records, he threw his wife to the floor, kicked in the face, smashed her mobile phone and threatened to throw from the balcony if she goes to the station. And when the father of Lindsay Lohan was aware that it soon will be officers, have begun to inflict self-injury, but would not be behind bars.

Michael and Kate married in 2015, but left a year later after the wedding, at the initiative of the wife, as the aggressive husband often raised a hand on her. Before his marriage to Kate major Lohan was married to Lindsay’s mother Dina in marriage they had four children.

Michael was several times convicted — fraud actions, the drunk driving and beating of a brother of Dina. At Lochau also has an illegitimate daughter, Ashley, born masseuses, with which Michael was cheating on his wife.

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