The Festival of harmonies and symphony orchestras is back in style

The Festival of harmonies and symphony orchestras is back in style

The Festival of Bands and Symphony Orchestras back in style

The Royal 22e Régiment played the music of the tale Pierre et le loup.

After several years of constraint due to the pandemic, the Festival of harmonies and symphonic orchestras was back in its original formula, this weekend.

Thousands of musicians from all over Quebec took to the various stages of the festival. Among them, the Marcel-Vaillancourt string orchestra.

They arrived after 4 years of study at an incredible level, from the 6th grade, we are very very proud of what just happened here , maintains the director of the orchestra, Frédéric Lefebvre.

This string orchestra took part in a master class, and the young people came out satisfied.

The Marcel-Vaillancourt string orchestra was at the Harmonies festival on Sunday.

In addition we come from Laval, we left by bus with my friends, it was really cool, we were all a little stressed, but we played really well and I'm really happy, mentions the violinist at the Marcel-Vaillancourt school, Élie Chrétien.

It was really cool to play in front of judges, it was the first time in our life, our group, we've been playing together for 4 years so it's a big event, assures for his part the violinist Massimo Gemma.

For the past few days, the Université de Sherbrooke campus has been teeming with musicians, and testimonials like these are not uncommon. The director of the Festival of Harmonies and Symphony Orchestras of Quebec, Claudine Roussel, believes she has delivered something grandiose.

With nearly 12,000 visitors, the festival is back in force in its original format.

“It's more than 12,000 people who visited the site at the end of the week. When we are not necessarily in the music, we hear harmony, what we hear is something harmonious, something that sounds good and basically it is; is that. We agree, we support each other, we come together. So that was the festival. »

— Claudine Roussel, Director, Festival of Harmonies and Symphony Orchestras of Quebec.

Event spokesperson Barbada delivered a story hour with the entire Royal 22e Régiment. I played music in the cadets so I greatly admired the music of the Royal 22e Régiment, to be able today to make a musical tale Peter and the Wolf with the music of the Royal 22e Régiment c' x27; is a dream come true, says the spokesperson.

Barbada was the event spokesperson.

“It conveys the message that the Canadian armed forces want to convey, that we is very inclusive and that everyone is needed for the mission to be successful. »

—Captain Marie-Perle Broadley, Commanding Officer and Music Director of the Royal 22e Régiment.

This is what has evolved over the past 94 years x27;is really to get attached to what society has become , underlines Claudine Roussel.

According to the report by Arianne Béland.