The first reviews of Halloween Kills are here

The first reviews of Halloween Kills are here

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The first reviews of Halloween Kills are here

By Rodolfo León
9/8/2021 7:44 pm

After various complications related to the pandemic, Halloween Kills finally it is nowhere to be seen in movie theaters. As usually happens, the specialized critics have already had the opportunity to see the film and the first reviews are here. Let’s say they are not very good.

“Three years ago, David Gordon managed to breathe new life into the mythology of Michael Myers by creating a story about the legacy of trauma and pitting three generations of women from the same family against the psychopath introduced by John Carpenter in the horror classic of 1978. At Halloween Kills, Green has made the same mistakes that completely drained the franchise in the ’80s and’ 90s. ”, THR

“There is not much innovation in the film, but the new and important element is that the citizens of Haddonfield have decided to hunt down Myers as a group of vigilantes … and this is where the film reflects the day-to-day life of when American society decides to work. together under the premise of collective hatred. ”, The Guardian

Fans of the Halloween saga are going to love Halloween Kills. It has it all – bloody and brutal deaths, the involvement of Laurie Strode, and the constant sense of threat from Michael Myers, played again by Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney. ”, Jumpcut

As you can already see, the reception that this film had was somewhat mixed and possibly it will be one of those projects that will end up dividing the community.

Halloween Kills It opens exclusively in theaters on October 15.

The first reviews of Halloween Kills are here

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Capcom is apparently announcing a Switch exclusive Resident Evil this month.

The first reviews of Halloween Kills are here

Rodolfo Leon

Editor at Gamer, movie buff and pop culture lover.

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