The following small NASA mission will explore Venus, IO and Triton

Следующие малые миссии NASA будут изучать Венеру, Ио и Тритон

4 NASA selects science teams for 3 million dollars to bring their dreams of exploring the Solar system to reality. Two missions aimed at Venus, one focused on the volcanic moon of Jupiter – IO, and recent studies of Triton – moon of Neptune.

“These selected mission can change our understanding of some of the most active and complex worlds of the Solar system,” said Thomas Zurbuchen (Thomas Zurbuchen), the assistant administrator of the science mission Directorate of NASA.

Four teams are the finalists of the next round of the Discovery series, a group of small planetary science missions. These projects can cost no more than $ 450 million and is intended to Supplement larger projects Agency for the study of the Solar system.

Venus will analyze scientists in research VERITAS (emissivity of Venus, radiology, topography and spectroscopy) and DAVINCI (the composition of the atmosphere of the planet and the testing of theory and the presence of oceans in the past). IO will be the object of the project IVO (extreme volcanism), the Trident group will study the surface of Triton.

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