The four successes and only error of Cruz Azul in his triumph over León in the Campeón de Campeones

The four successes and only error of Cruz Azul in his triumph over León in the Campeón de Campeones

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The four successes and only error of Cruz Azul in his triumph over León in the Campeón de Campeones

This Sunday in the Dignity Health Tennis Center, Cruz Azul beat León 2-1 in the Champion of Champions to show that they will seek to create a new dynasty in Mexican soccer.

Here are the four successes and the only error of the cement producers in the meeting:

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Jonathan Rodríguez’s double

In the first half, the Uruguayan had approaches. One at minute 29 when he entered the area and just when the Colombian was going to shoot Andres Mosquera it was swept properly.

For the complement they tried to find their speed again, without being able to specify, until at 60 ‘a center from the right side arrived by the Paraguayan Juan Escobar to close the diagonal bully and at 66 ‘, he took advantage of a ball that Santiago Gimenez stung him inside the area to get to close before the exit of Ivan Vazquez Mellado.

With this, La Maquina adds another title in the Peruvian era Juan Reynoso, reason to arrive with enthusiasm at the Apertura 2021 of the Liga MX to seek the bicampeonato.

The entry of Santiago Giménez

The Peruvian coach made the decision to start the Ecuadorian Bryan angle accompanied by ‘Cabecita’, having very little connection, passing almost unnoticed the participation of the Cuco.

For the start of the complement, El Cabezón sent Chaquito in relief instead of Angulo, which worked correctly, because that way the Uruguayan felt more comfortable, even with more freedom to move and thanks to this dumbbell the second goal arrived, when the Mexican waited to see that his partner came from behind to finally chop the round in the area.

Added to this, at 79 ‘Santi stole a ball from Jose Ramirez and put another good ball to Jonathan, although the play did not prosper. Minutes later, it caused the expulsion of Fidel Ambriz to consume the last minutes and match things up on the field with ten men.

Wise decision on the part of the Inca helmsman.

Cancel Luis Montes

Reynoso knew in advance that the person in charge of moving all the strings of the midfield is Montes, so they tried to cancel it by all possible means, putting a midfield that constantly stopped him.

El Chapito received strong tickets from Yoshimar Yotún, Pol Fernandez, Ignacio Rivero Y Rafael Baca, upsetting the talented ’10’, who could not do many dangerous actions or feed his colleagues with balls.

Similarly, they also stopped the individual talent of Jean Meneses Y Angel Mena.

Ask permission for Jesús Corona to play

The celestial captain was not a determining factor, but it was still a wise decision to ask for permission to appear under the three posts in the absence of Sebastian Jurado.

However, Chuy did have interventions, in the first half he stopped a strong shot from the Argentine Emmanuel Gigliotti on the right side, while in the second he came out in a risky way to cover what could have been the tie.

It should be noted that in the discount of Santiago OrmeñoHe had also fumbled with the round, but he was going too hard.

Do not remove Yotún, staying with ten men

From the initial whistle of the meeting, the two teams were arriving with everything, where the most hit was undoubtedly captain Esmeralda Montes, which began to cause fever between both teams, the Peruvian being one of the most on fire, so much so that He was painted yellow after a hard and unnecessary kick to Chapo.

For 79 ‘, the South American received a ball from Cabecita inside the area and threw a nail to deceive the referee Luis Enrique Santander, which cost him a second yellow and he was sent off to leave La Maquina with ten.

His foolishness caused La Fiera to immediately discount from Ormeño’s feet, making the last minutes of the game difficult because those of the Argentine Ariel holan They had a spirited lift and went with everything against the rival goal.

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