The General rise in prices: the products to which prices have soared in the Black sea due to coronavirus (VIDEO)

Всеобщее подорожание: на какие продукты взлетели цены в Черноморске из-за коронавируса (ВИДЕО)

From 17 March Ukranine operates a stringent regime of quarantine. Coronavirus in Ukraine led to the Declaration of quarantine in the whole country, as well as the introduction of state of emergency in some cities and regions.

In connection with the actions of the authorities, as well as appearance of numerous fake, Ukrainians fear began to sweep products from the shelves. The stir in supermarkets has led to the increase in food prices and basic necessities.

How are things in Chernomorsk? Correspondents “04868” walked through the grocery markets of the city and talked with sellers and buyers.

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