The golden sneaker is a matter of the heart, I still miss the trophy, says Ogrodníková

Golden sneaker is a heart affair, I still miss the trophy, says Ogrodnia

Nikola Ogrodníková in Eugene on July 20, 2022.

Ostrava – Javelin thrower Nikola Ogrodníková suffered from Lyme disease in the winter, but she made up for the lack of training at the training camp in South Africa and is preparing for the season, the highlight of which will be the World Championships in Budapest in August. Even before that, Ogrodníková will also present herself at the Zlatá tretre Ostrava, where she would like to finally win. She finished second in the past two years.

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“The season is long, the form cannot be timed only for Tretra, but I will try to do well this year. The golden tretra is a matter of my heart. I still miss the trophy, this year I will try to get it again,” Ogrodníková told journalists on Monday. The Ostrava meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 27.

The thirty-two-year-old javelin thrower returned from training in Africa a few days ago. She had previously struggled with health complications. She had Lyme disease in the winter, previously she had covid three times. “The body is now somehow cleaning itself and putting itself together. I hope it will be good this year,” said the European vice-champion from 2018.

The protégé of world record holder Jan Železný, after the end of her career, Barbora Špotáková is the number one Czech javelin thrower. He is still waiting for a big world success. “Bára, as well as Christina Obergföll, threw much further than us. We were talking with the girls I meet at the Diamond League, why we are not able to throw like them. I don't know if we are not as strong or if we are doing something wrong, but we try, ” said Ogrodníková, whose personal record from 2019 is 67.40 meters.

She realizes that the men's javelin is currently far more attractive to spectators than the women's. “Guys throw over 90 meters, it's better to watch. If it flew over 65 meters in the women's competition, it would be interesting, but performances below 60 meters are of no interest to anyone,” said the javelin thrower, who became the Athlete of the Year in 2018.< /p>