The government will discuss amendments to the laws on employment and state enterprises

Government to discuss amendments to laws on employment and state enterprise

Prime Minister Petr Fiala at a press conference in Prague after the government meeting, February 1, 2023.

Prague – The amendment to the Employment Act, according to which, among other things, employment agencies would no longer have to have compulsory insurance in case of bankruptcy, will be discussed by the government at today's meeting. Also on the agenda are an amendment to the Act on State Enterprises, an adjustment in the composition of the Legislative Council of the State, or several donations to international organizations, foreign countries for the care of Czech war graves, or Ukraine to ensure the training of its transport pilots in the Czech Republic.

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Amendments to the Employment Act prepared by the Ministry of Labor should, for example, also introduce a new definition of illegal work. Employment agencies would then no longer have to have compulsory insurance in case of bankruptcy. In the event of insolvency, the state would provide the earnings of agency workers as well as company employees.

The Ministry of Finance presents the State Final Account for last year, in which it proposes to cover the deficit of last year's budget by increasing the state debt by 345 billion crowns and reducing the balance in the accounts of state financial assets by 15.4 billion crowns. Last year, the state ran a deficit of 360.4 billion crowns, the result was 14.6 billion better than the law on the state budget predicted.

On the agenda of the government is also the Convergence Program, which is the country's basic document for adopting the euro. Every year, it describes the government's budget strategy and the planned development of public finances in the following years. The Cabinet will also discuss the upcoming working visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský (Pirates) to the United States.