The government will update its program statement, and discuss the amendment regarding SSHR

The government will update its program statement, and discuss the amendment regarding SSHR

Government updates its programs, reviews, discusses and amends concerning SSHR

Illustrative photo – Press conference after the government meeting, August 17, 2022, Prague.

Prague – The government of Petr Fiala (ODS) will discuss updating its program statement at today's meeting. The ministers also have on their agenda an amendment to the law on investment incentives or a draft, which, based on the experience of the covid-19 epidemic and the migration wave from Ukraine, adjusts the system of planning and preparing for crisis situations in connection with the state's material reserves.

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The cabinet published its program statement at the beginning of last year. The current update is explained by the coalition of five Together (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09) and Starostý s Piráty, especially the effects of the war in Ukraine, which started a year ago. Fiala previously said that the cabinet would evaluate the program statement after a year in any case. According to him, it is necessary to periodically discuss what has been achieved, what needs to be accelerated, but also to realistically evaluate the schedule of individual plans.

The amendment of some regulations on crisis situations or the law on the scope of the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR) is intended to respond to the practical experience of recent years. According to SSHR, it turned out that the legislation is not sufficiently flexible and prepared for current risks. The ambition of the amendment is to prevent a repeat of the situation at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, when there was a shortage of essential aids in the Czech Republic. He is also to introduce a reservation system for material reserves.

The amendment on investment incentives should abolish the obligation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to submit every request for an investment incentive to the cabinet for consideration. The government also has several government regulations drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture on its agenda, and the cabinet will probably take a neutral position on the parliamentary proposal regarding the State Transport Infrastructure Fund (SFDI).

For information, the government could receive a decision to appoint the Minister of Defense from today Jiří Roček, the new chief of the Military Police. Also on the agenda is the strategy of the air rescue service after 2028 or the announcement of a selection procedure for the position of state secretary at the Ministry of Finance. From today, the current secretary, Petr Bejček, heads the Czech Environmental Inspection (ČIŽP).