The Grand Tour Lochdown: the release date in Italy, the trailer and the photos

The Grand Tour Lochdown: the release date in Italy, the trailer and the photos

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The Grand Tour Lochdown: the release date in Italy, the trailer and the photos

Amazon Prime Video unveils the highly anticipated first images of The Grand Tour Lochdown, the first episode of the two-part special set in the UK.

The Grand Tour Lochdown, the highly anticipated new special featuring Jeremy, Richard and James will finally be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from 30 July. Is called Lochdown and not “lockdown“, Obviously as a tribute to the most famous Scottish“ character ”in the world, the Lochness monster.

A special that had been long in coming, with Clarkson who earlier said he was a bit annoyed about the delays in broadcasting, giving the official announcement in December last year, and of which we had given some previews in recent months, including such as cars present.

The Grand Tour Lochdown: The Official Trailer

Confined to the UK due to Covid, our three heroes, Jeremy, Richard and James join one “Special Lockdown” to celebrate the great 1970s American cars seen on TV shows as children, and to find out why – as their fathers drove terrible Austin Allegro cars – these fantastic vehicles never caught on in Britain.

The Grand Tour Lochdown will see them driving one Cadillac Coupe De Ville like Elvis, a Lincoln Continental like Jock Ewing in the Dallas series, and one Buick Riviera like the one driven by Clint Eastwood, the three presenters will take the iconic Detroit automobiles on a road trip through the beautiful Scottish landscapes. And even if they’re playing at home this time around, this lockdown trip will prove to be one of the funniest, action-packed and glamorous adventures of recent years.

During their journey, they will wreak havoc on the ancient streets of Edinburgh, they will launch with Abbie in a hilarious final clash on the track, so adrenaline-pumping that he tore the tires, before staging one “Cold War” among the worst Soviet and American cars ever created.

The Grand Tour Lochdown: the release date in Italy, the trailer and the photos

They will also find themselves without a roof in the area Highlands after a series of catastrophic crashes, but always finding the time to drive classic “muscle cars” to test a notorious Pizza Express trip. After receiving a message from Mr Wilman, Richard, James and Jeremy will modify their cars to head to theOuter Hebrides for one of the toughest trials they’ve ever faced.

At the furthest reaches of the Scotland, they will have to build a floating bridge on the Sea of ​​the Hebrides capable of transporting them and their towering cars on a perilous journey to their final destination.


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