The groom, who was accused of assaulting a waitress at his own wedding, pleaded guilty

Жених, которого обвинили в домогательствах к официантке на собственной свадьбе, признал винуThe groom, who was accused of assaulting a waitress at his own wedding, pleaded guilty Author: Victoria Semenova Matthew Eimers Photo: Associated Press crime news USA police court of the United States

Groom from new Jersey made a deal with the court and pleaded guilty to charges of sexual harassment to the waitress at his own wedding, in exchange for the cancellation of his precarious prison term, reports the New Yourk Post.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old Matthew Eimers, of Willingboro, who was accused of assaulting a waitress at the wedding, was sentenced to six years probation after the plea. He is accused of assault, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. It is reported that the deal had been agreed with the victim.

According to police, Eimers approached the waitress adolescence during the wedding and asked her to go out with him. He even offered her a hundred dollars in return for “the kiss”. When Eimers was refused, he followed a girl to the bathroom, where he tried to do for her violent actions of sexual character, but the girl managed to push Amerca and escape.

“The victim was extremely traumatized by what he did with it,” said assistant district attorney Megan Hunsicker. “His actions were inappropriate and unwarranted.”

Eimers was arrested a few hours later, when police responded to reports of a fight at the wedding. According to investigators, the bridegroom struck the employee of the country club, who tried to prevent him from drinking alcohol on the street.

In turn, the wife of Matthew, Kayla, is on the side of her husband and supported him during the court proceedings. According to the lawyer, Louis Boucicaut, the fact that the couple are still together is proof of innocence that Amerca.

“He and his wife are as strong as ever, she remains his most loyal supporter. Of course, he married the right woman.” – the lawyer declared.

According to the lawyer, Eimers was ready to stand trial last week.

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