The gun registry is not working

Le registre des armes à feu connaît des ratés

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Any person possessing a weapon not registered is liable to a fine.

The minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, had to admit on Tuesday that the controversial gun registry, came into force yesterday, had some technical problems.

“I heard like everyone else that there has been some problems for the registration with the system. It is easy to recognize, we do our mea culpa, we always work on improvement of the system “, the minister said on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting caquiste in Gatineau.

The Duty has, in fact, noticed that it was very difficult to save some of the weapons in the register on the website of the Service registration of firearms in Quebec.

This was the case for a rifle barrel superimposed 12 gauge Russian made dedicated to the hunting of small game and a semi-automatic rifle also in 12-gauge Italian manufacturing used for waterfowl hunting.

The online form recognized brands, but not the models, nor the length of the guns. It did not add information that was not included in the answer choices, making the procedure tedious and the information sent, incomplete, or even inaccurate.

24 %

This is the percentage of the holders of firearms who were enrolled in the registry in the morning on Tuesday.

The ministry claims to the contrary and that the ” system allows you to enter all other information, even if they are not in the answer choices “. It is conceded, however, that ” some complaints have been recorded regarding the absence of the brand, the model or barrel length you want from the choices offered from the FRT during the seizure “. The ministry further recalls that it is “a new system” and that ” improvements are regularly being made.”

The minister has suggested that the technical problems were attributable to the increased enrollment. “It is a sign that more and more people enroll in periods shorter and shorter. “

The gun owners had until Tuesday night to enroll in the registry, but just 24% of the weapons were registered in the morning, according to the most recent data of the ministry of public Security.

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“It is not 100 %, I grant you, but there is a lot of increase,” replied the minister, to a journalist who remarked on Tuesday that reaching the target was ” missed “. “I am the message to all holders of firearms without restrictions in Quebec : save you. […] All those who have not registered their weapons are subject to sanctions “, she repeated.

Remember that the registry is intended to replace the canadian registry of firearms, which was abolished in 2012 by the federal government. It aims to register all the weapons say ” shoulder “, either hunting weapons for the most part as rifles and carbines. This category accounts for 95 % of the firearms that are on the territory of Quebec. When the abolition of the federal register, we identified 1.6 million.

The minister has however reiterated that the authorities do not intend to be too zealous in the imposition of fines. “What we want is that people comply with the law. It is certain that if someone decides to sign up in three days, I would prefer to do it before the deadline. But, if he made it in three days, I am happy that it did. […] I can’t condemn the fact that someone is going to register. “

Last week, Genevieve Guilbault was committed to correct the sources of dissatisfaction in the registry denounced by the quebec Federation of anglers and hunters (FédéCP). These changes to the unique number of the weapon, its length and the travel time need to inform the authorities are not effective because they require the adoption of regulations and laws.


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