The head of Disney has promised to contribute to the school Fund, paid the penalty for showing “the Lion King”

Глава Disney пообещал сделать вклад в фонд школы, заплатившей штраф за показ "Короля Льва"

In November 2019 one of the schools in the city of Berkeley, in California, organized a charity screening of the film “the lion King”. First, representatives of Disney were fined for unlicensed screening, and later the head of the giant film company Bob iger apologized to the Directorate.

About the incident that happened to one of the California schools and Disney, the newspaper reports .

It is known that the screening of the film “the lion King”, the seized funds which was sent to the charity, held November 15, 2019. Entrance was $ 15, and the program for the evening also included food, drinks, outdoor games and other entertainment. However, resonance news scored a few days ago.

After the Agency for Movie Licensing USA, which is responsible for the control of the licensing rights of Disney, found out about the paid showing disney tapes, it ordered the school to pay a fine in the amount of one third of what is collected. The amount reached $ 250. The Agency argued that the release did not comply with the law and violates copyright.

After the network has spread indignation, in stepped the CEO of Disney Bob iger. He formally apologized to the school of Emerson and stated that he would personally contribute to the needs of the institution.

We will remind, “the lion King” was released in the summer of 2019, and became the highest grossing animated film in history.

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