The head teacher of the School lady: the Day is my professional holiday

Katerina Vinogradova special relationship to February 14.

Завуч Школы леди: День Валентина – мой профессиональный праздник

The head teacher of the School lady: “the Day is my professional holiday”

From the School teachers design ladies New channel “From Tomboy to lady“ seem impregnable Snow Queen. Inside, they are girls who like gifts. Especially when there is such a wonderful occasion like Valentine’s Day. And for Katerina Vinogradova on February 14 is a special holiday.

Considering I’m almost five years together with Pavel Kostitsyn led projects “Love at first sight” and “Crossroads of love” for us at some point this day was a professional holiday – smiling Katerina. On 14 February we held a wonderful party. In General, Valentine’s Day is a good holiday if you’re already in a relationship. If not – is also a good occasion for meeting friends or girlfriends.

Alas, such a positive attitude for Valentine’s Day did not save Catherine from a tear in the celebration. Once the guy threw it right on February 14. But Katherine longed for long, because they started Dating recently. Now Valentine’s Day is to be sad is not necessary, because a number of beloved husband.

– As for gifts, I before the holiday just saying that I would be pleased to receive. It’s easier and me and the wife – smiling Director of the School lady.

True that ordered Katherine to her husband on holiday, she did not disclose. Because, as you say happiness love peace.

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